IMSE co-ordinates bespoke workshops to unite Imperial's academics around specific grand challenge problems and industrial needs.

IMSE's workshop modelThe Institute has thus developed a flexible, multistep workshop–research initiative model to facilitate new collaborations.

In this iterative process we first consult and consider the needs of internal and external stakeholders to identify a specific grand challenge topic around which to focus our efforts.IMSE BASF workshop

We then start to build a community of Imperial researchers who are interested in contributing to the identified problem. We achieve this through a variety of research showcases, internal workshops and co-creation workshops.

Our workshops are open to the large community of Imperial-based Our Affiliates, and are often held in conjunction with external partners.

The ultimate aim of the process is to work on funded research projects and make headway on the identified grand challenge problem.

Past IMSE workshops

Future of Additive Manufacturing (May 2017)

We need new 'mad hatter ideas to completely transform 3D printing processes."

Professor Phill Dickens

University of Nottingham

More than 30 researchers from across Imperial's faculties and departments came together in May 2017 to discuss the future of the 3D printing (additive manufacturing) industry.

The half-day IMSE workshop was held in conjunction Imperial's Additive Manufacturing Network and was led by Professor Phill Dickens (Professor of Manufacturing at the University of Nottingham.)

As a result of this workshop, IMSE published a Briefing paper – The value of additive manufacturing: future opportunities – which was launched in November 2017.  The paper outlines how Imperial is poised to play a leading role in the future of 3D printing.

Antimicrobial resistance workshop (April 2017)

IMSE can link an extraordinary array of expertise and enthusiasm on antimicrobial resistance."

Professor Alison Holmes

Professor of Infectious Diseases

IMSE hosted a one-day workshop on the development of 'smart surfaces' to tackle antimicrobial resistance in April 2017. More than 30 researchers from across the College's faculties, as well as the Imperial Healthcare Trust, came together to discuss the pressing need to reduce the spread of microbes in a variety of situations – particularly how this can be achieved through molecular surface engineering.

This topic will be the focus of upcoming IMSE Briefing paper.

BP Challenge Workshop (January 2017)

Along with Imperial Business Partners, IMSE ran a BP Challenge Workshop in January 2017. Attended by about 15 BP representatives and 25 Imperial academics, the day was focused around three challenges faced by BP in the upstream and downstream activities:

  • Reliable prediction
  • Enhanced remote and autonomous inspection
  • System automation and process optimisation

Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre Co-creation workshop (December 2016)

A co-creation workshop was held in partnership with the Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre in December 2016.

During this event, speakers and attendees explored areas of on-going cancer-related research being conducted across the College.

Attendees came from several Imperial departments, including:

  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Earth Science and Engineering
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Medicine
  • Department of Life Sciences
  • Department of Surgery and Cancer

The day also featured discussions concerning future areas for collaboration, pilot project initiatives and sources of funding.

Carbon utilisation internal workshop (September 2016)

In collaboration with Imperial's Energy Futures Lab, IMSE held an internal workshop on the topic of carbon utilisation in September 2016.

Twenty-five attendees – from eight Imperial departments, centres and institutes – discussed the themes of carbon capture, transformation and usage.  They also outlined specific problems and opportunities that can be tackled within this overarching theme.

An upcoming IMSE Briefing paper concerning the prospects of carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) in the UK has stemmed from the discussions at this workshop.

IMSE–BASF Co-creation workshop (September 2015)

IMSE's inaugural co-creation workshop was held in conjunction with BASF in September 2015. The workshop was attended by 25 Imperial academics and early-career researchers from six departments, as well as 12 BASF representatives. 

The workshop focused on two challenges that were of industrial relevance:

  • functionalised surfaces for thermoplastics and composites
  • technology-supported formulation

An immediate outcome of the meeting was the establishment of new internal collaborations at Imperial, and at the Imperial/BASF interface.