Nowhere is the circular economy needed more than in the production and consumption of plastics. Plastics are present in a wide range of products in modern society, and plastic waste pollution in the ocean and the wider environment has become a global problem. It’s clear that single-use plastics made from fossil resources are unsustainable, and researchers from multiple different departments and faculties in Imperial College London are looking for solutions across plastic's entire life cycle.

Research champion

Rupert MyersRupert Myers

Rupert J. Myers is a Lecturer in Sustainable Materials Engineering and leader of the Myers Group in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London.

Rupert currently champions his mission, to reduce environmental burdens through sustainable engineering, by focussing his research and teaching on materials that are virtually unmatched in importance to society, such as cement and metals, and the services/products that they provide, e.g., shelter/buildings, infrastructure, and cities.