Air pollution is one of the greatest environmental threats we face. High levels of pollutants in the air we breath has significant negative impacts on our health and the environment that we are still only discovering. 

London air pollution

We bring together researchers from across imperial College London to find new solutions and enhance air quality for all.

Research champion

Camille PetitCamille Petit

Camille Petit is a Reader in Materials Engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering. She designs and characterises functional materials for environmental sustainability, including improved air qualityHer research is focused on porous materials that can address challenges in air quality. She is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of both the IChemE and the Royal Society of Chemistry.  she focuses on the design, synthesis, characterization, and testing of porous materials for separation applications related to environmental, water, and energy sustainability.

Camille has always been interested in bridging the gap between science – in this case an understanding of the formation, structure, and chemistry of porous materials – and engineering, and turning that knowledge into useful technologies in separation and solar fuel production.