The MRC CMBI Postdoc Association (CPA) is a group of postdocs and Junior Fellows within the CMBI. We are run by postdocs, for the benefit of postdocs, so get involved!

Our mission is to:

  • encourage interaction between postdocs within the CMBI
  • foster a sense of community and encourage debate and open communication
  • aid in the career development of postdocs
  • help new postdocs integrate into the CMBI
  • provide a voice for postdocs to Imperial College and the CMBI management group.

You can find information on postdoc events through our share-point site or by checking our noticeboard in the lobby of the Flowers Building. The purpose of our meetings is to encourage interaction, debate and collaboration, whilst also sharing some laughs and good times. 

CPA meetings

We meet about once per month to discuss science, give presentations, organise events, network or just hang out together. From time to time we also have social events. If you are a CMBI postdoc please join us! Meetings will be announced on the CPA noticeboard (located in the lobby of the Flowers building), but the easiest way to stay updated is to join our mailing list by contacting Camilla Godlee (

The committee (as of January 2019)

President Dr Camilla Godlee
Vice President Dr Christopher Schuster 
Treasurer Dr Laura Nolan 
Outreach Activites Officers

Dr Crystal Vincent / Dr Julia Sanchez Garrido

Web Development Officer Dr Christoph Schuster

In addition, we are active as CMBI_CPA on Twitter, so please follow us if you are interested. We use this platform to make science accessible to the wide public, such as the recently launched #TweetAPaper campaign.

 Outreach Activities 

Superbuzone team
Top left: Laura Nolan, David Rano Gallego, Luke Allsopp, Nancy Mulvenna
Middle left: Eve Hopkins, Charlotte Millership, Daniel Brown, Sophie Howard, Kam Pou Ha
Front left: Patricia Bernal, Julia Sanchez Garrido, Sonia Rebollo Ramirez, Aline Tabib-Salazar (absent from the picture is Merve Zeden)

The Superbug Zone is one of the most popular zones within the Imperial Festival and has been running for four consecutive years. It attracts over 2,000

visitors over the weekend and takes the public on a journey to discover the world of microbes. In 2018, the Superbug Zone had 18 stalls with most from the MRC CMBI. Other stalls included representation from Life Sciences (Morgan Beeby’s lab), the Imperial Antimicrobial Research Collaborative (ARC) and NIHR Health Protection Research unit (HPRU). The outreach activities officersof CMBI post-docs, Aline Tabib-Salazar and Patricia Bernal, coordinated this zone. Over the entire weekend, more than 70 CMBI members (Erasmus, Master’s, PhD students, post-docs and PI’s) took part in various activities to ensure the event was a great success.

The journey starts with the public using a microscope to see how small bacteria are and some giant lego models to learn about their intricacy. They then discovered where bacteria live in the body and how they can be good but also very bad to us. They also had the opportunity to do stimulating experiments to investigate the inner workings of bacteria by taking part in the microbiology mock lab. Our popular bioluminescence room always brings out the excitement with some fascinating designs showing glow in the dark bacteria and their uses in research. There were many fun games to showcase how bacteria fight back against our body’s immune system and when exposed to antibiotics. This zone highlighted how our scientists in the CMBI are tackling the global rise of superbugs that are no longer responding to the current antibiotics we have available.

superbug poster

festival 1

We received amazing positive feedback from the general public about the Superbug Zone with many thanking us for engaging people from all ages to understand the work we do: “The stalls were great as they caught so much attention and were perfectly aimed at engaging families, utilising scientific resources at Imperial to help educate children”. Many children enjoyed collecting stickers as they progressed through the zone learning that “microbes are everywhere”.

After the event, we received interests from other festival organisers to use our stalls in their events. Examples include: volunteers from the British Science Association together with the Science Museum Lates wanting our help for the Lambeth County Show, White City campus asking for a couple of stalls to showcase in the Hammersmith and Fulham Arts Festival and also the Hullaballoo festival at the Isle of White.