• Go to the Blyth Centre SharePoint Site (this link will not work unless you have registered).
  • Click on the name of the room you would like to book, find the time you would like to use in the room, double click in the time slot you would like to book.
  • A new window should appear with form to fill in. Please use your name  in the 'Name' field and CID (the number found on your college ID) in the CID field; when you make a booking - this is important as we may need to contact you.
  • Enter the correct start and end times for your booking - it defaults to the date and time when you are making the booking so you'll probably need to change it. You do not need to enter the location or a description, and please note that you may not use the 'All Day Event' or 'Recurrence' fields.
  • Click save and close the window.

Important information for bookings

Bookings may not be made more than one week ahead.  Although it is possible to do this in SharePoint, any recurring bookings or bookings made more than a week in advance will be deleted unless prior permission has been given by Oliver Gooch or Naomi Anderson-Eyles

  •  Only 1 hour maximum will be allowed per day.
  • You will need to make a booking for track and trace purposes.
  • Individual players must not book more than one hour a day. Bookings of more than one hour made without permission will be removed.
  • Long bookings may be made to Ensemble rooms. Bookings must be made through Naomi.

Individual players must not book the same room at the same time on consecutive days.  Rooms booked on the same time on consecutive days will be removed.