Gifts from alumni and friends mean the Faculty is able to provide emergency assistance, through the Deans Fund, to students who find themselves in unexpected financial need and have no other sources of support available. The Faculty is also able to support students to undertake paid research placements and internships, pioneer new approaches to teaching, and offer more fully funded overseas exchange opportunities for undergraduates and early career researchers.

Applying for Funds

The Dean’s Fund is used to support students at undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate research level across the Faculty. Normally, awards are made to assist students facing financial hardship and/or to enable students to take up opportunities that might not otherwise be accessible to them.

Nominations for awards for individual students may be made by Heads of Department, Directors of Undergraduate/ Postgraduate Studies, Senior Tutors, and other key members of staff using the online form. Students cannot apply direct to the fund but must do so via their Department.

Nominators must specify the amount of funds requested and must provide a statement in support of each nominee, which must briefly explain why the student in question is deserving of an award and provide justification for the amount requested. Evidence can also be submitted with the application.

Please note, students can apply for alternative forms of financial assistance, such as the Student Support Funds, on the financial assistance webpage.

Nominations received will be considered by the Dean and awards made at his discretion.

Some examples which the Dean's Fund has supported:

  • Hardship – support with living costs
  • Hardship – support for equipment for home study
  • Hardship – support with access to Wi-Fi for home study
  • Overseas travel as part of PhD research
  • Attending a conference
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)

Any queries should be directed to Matt Horsfield, the FoNS Education Support Coordinator, who manages the nomination process.

Make a gift to the Faculty of Natural Sciences Dean's Fund today, please see the FoNS Giving website

Full details on College donations, please see the Giving website.