FoNS Learning and Teaching Development Refresher Programme Outline

The programme offers a series of interventions, depending upon the staff member’s reason for joining the programme and their specific needs and/ or interests, including:

Teaching Mentor
Participants will be partnered with a mentor, an experienced member of staff who will observe teaching sessions (see below) and offer guidance and feedback throughout the programme.

FoNS LTDP Refresher Workshop
Recommended for all participants. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to discuss, in an informal setting, various aspects of lecturing and the chance to receive constructive feedback on their own lecturing as well as sharing best practice. The workshop is intended to enhance participants’ awareness and practice of a number of teaching methods, strategies and techniques for knowledge communication and to assist participants in examining and evaluating teaching in a supportive environment. 

Teaching Observations
The Teaching Mentor will observe 3 teaching sessions and offer guidance and feedback. 

One-to-One Coaching
Offered through the Imperial College Coaching Academy. Coaches are selected based on the kind of topics to be explored, so participants will be matched with a coach who has an understanding of education and teaching. 

EDU Courses 
Participants will be encouraged to enrol for any workshops offered via the EDU from which they might benefit.

Techniques for Effective Public Speaking
This masterclass, offered by the Learning and Development Centre, and which has a limited number of places, aims to support academics who feel that their public speaking style, credibility or confidence could be improved. The focus is on developing vocal skills and power, increasing assertiveness and demonstrating confidence through body language. The workshop delivery includes active facilitation and interactive scenarios in the academic context. 

The course leader is a professional actor from the Central School of Speech and Drama who will use actor-training techniques and personalised feedback to build competence and confidence.

Reflective Report/ HEA Fellowship Application
All participants will be asked to complete a reflective assessment of their practical experience of teaching, and of the lessons learnt and progress made through the Refresher programme. This will be assessed on a pass/fail basis by the vice-Dean (Education) in liaison with the relevant Director of Undergraduate/ Postgraduate Studies and/or Head of Department, who will also provide feedback to the participant. Passing this element will be the final sign-off for the course.