FoNS-MAD 10 Years

The FoNS-MAD 2024 Final Event will take place on 30 October 2024- more news to follow!


About the competition

About the competition

The competition is open to all undergraduate students within the Faculty of Natural Sciences (Chemistry, Life Sciences,  Mathematics and Physics) and also to team members from other Faculties.

The competition runs in 3 stages, with students working in teams to develop low-cost technology that would have an impact on Society.

The top teams will be given funding, space and a bursary to work on their project for 8 weeks over the summer. They will then present their findings to an expert panel of VIP Judges and will compete for prizes of up to £7000.

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Why take part?

  • The opportunity to design a detailed project to tackle a problem you have identified
  • Work as part of a team with students from different departments and academic backgrounds
  • Develop your scientific career beyond your degree
  • Use your curiosity and drive to solve challenging problems that would have an impact on society
  • The opportunity to develop your idea in-lab over the summer
  • Develop transferable skills and enhance your CV
  • Attend workshops on intellectual property, business ethics and team building
  • The chance to win prizes up to the value of £7000