Uploading video

Using video within Blackboard

All staff within the Faculty of Natural Sciences should now have access to the Helix Media Library. The service enables videos to be uploaded and encoded for use within the College VLE. The service should not be used outside of the VLE because the videos may breach copyright restrictions.

The library incorporates a step-by-step wizard which takes you through the uploading process. You are then given some code that you can use to embed the videos within Blackboard.

The code will generate a player in whatever page in Blackboard it has been embedded. Your video will then stream into that player on demand.

Using video more generally

Media Library

If you would like your videos to be seen by a wider audience (one that can view without the need to log in to Blackboard) you should use the Media Library instead. The uploading process is handled by a wizard and there are FAQs on the site to help you.

Imperial YouTube channel

Imperial also has its own YouTube channel. By uploading to YouTube and tagging the video IMP150 you can make your video available to viewers. For details on how to do this, go to the Campus Life page.