Our environment is changing at unprecedented speeds and scales and we are rapidly losing the biodiversity, ecosystems, and natural resources that we depend upon. We are responsible for ensuring our environmental resources are protected and maintained for future generations.

The Environment and Sustainability Theme spans multiple disciplines that address the critical challenges we face in this space, with research and policy focused on understanding, monitoring, predicting and managing the environment and its sustainability.  Our scope ranges from local ecosystems to the global biosphere, and includes the overarching societal challenges posed by climate change, food production, chemical pollution, and transport.

We aim at studying, conversing and optimising the environment around us: from understanding ecosystems, to exploring the universe; reducing the negative impact of climate change to considering the future of food production and travel.

Theme leads

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Theme leads

  • Morena Mills

    Morena Mills

    Personal details

    Morena Mills Reader in Environmental Policy and Practice


    Morena is passionate about applied biodiversity conservation research and is interested in improving policy that impacts the persistence of species and people's wellbeing

  • Guy Woodward

    Guy Woodward

    Personal details

    Guy Woodward Professor of Ecology


    Guy's research focuses on quantifying the impacts of stressors (climate change, acidification, eutrophication, species invasions and habitat alteration) on the structure and functioning of aquatic ecosystems.

Coordinating research activities

Internal funding opportunities

Call for Big Ideas Expressions of Interest - Round 2

The second round for Big Ideas of Expression of Interest in the area of Environment an Sustainability research theme is now open. We are inviting 2-page Expressions of Interest for internal funding that can be used to support the writing and submission of large-scale and multidisciplinary grant proposals. 

Funding available: Up to £6,000 per proposal is available to support the salary costs for grant writing or undertaking work essential for the preparation of the full proposal.

Deadline: All applications should be sent to Sophie Armstrong-Brown by Friday 9th April 2021 5pm. Find out more about guidance and deadlines for this call (only FoNS staff)