The Faculty of Natural Sciences would like to encourage and support staff to work with industry, due to the range of benefits this can bring to our academic community including:

  • Increased and diversified research income
  • Increased opportunities to address real world challenges
  • Access to resources, facilities, explicit and tacit knowledge from industry partners
  • Enhanced translation of research for more significant impact, which continues to be a key metric for research performance
  • Specific impact case studies for the forthcoming Research Excellence Framework evaluation
  • Increased opportunities to benefit from government industrial strategy, see, e.g. Industrial Strategy Green Paper, and funding, see e.g. the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF).

The ISCF presents a unique opportunity for collaboration and is an exciting opportunity to bring together resource and expertise from across the supply chain. Imperial has involvement in a number of ISCF projects. We are a founding partner in the Faraday Institution which is facilitating the ISCF’s Faraday Battery Challenge. In addition to the Faraday Challenges, we have contributed expertise to solutions in materials, manufacturing and leading-edge healthcare. We are open to exploring new partnerships and finding ways our expertise can be included in the solutions presented to these challenges. As consortia look to build their expertise we could provide the technical knowhow needed to complete a challenge. If you are interested in seeing how Imperial could partner with you on ISCF calls contact Dr Fiona Jamieson. 

For further information please read Working with Industry at Imperial: Faculty of Natural Sciences Guide.

Working collaboratively with business also has direct benefits for industry including:

  • Exposure to world-leading research, with advanced facilities, multidisciplinary working
  • Access to talented student pool, leading training centres and bespoke courses
  • Supportive translation and knowledge transfer environment, technology transfer, consultancy, medical campuses
  • Opportunity to influence on a global scale- through Imperials’ network of global partners and public funders, including influential alumni

Imperial academics and researchers who would like to work with industry to make a real-world impact can discover how to access support from College in a new how-to guide:  You can download the College guide to working with industry and commercialising your research here (requires staff login)­. This user-friendly guide offers a primer on:

  • Industry research partnerships, which develop insights and technologies directed at real-world challenges with support, domain expertise and funding from industry partners.
  • Commercialisation - the process of turning research into intellectual property, intellectual property protection and commercialising research through licensing deals or startup companies.

Support for staff

The College has a range of ways to support staff working with industry including:

Please see the College Entreprise Funding Opportunities website which is updated quarterly. This new resource lists funding opportunities for technology development or research with industry applications from research councils, companies and other organisations.