Jing WuStart date: 01-10-2020
Academic department: Physics
Title of research project: Cooling molecules to quantum degeneracy
Academic supervisor: Professor Michael Tarbutt
Native country: Chongqing, China

How has the scholarship award enabled you to pursue your ambitions?
Since it is my first year, the main part of the support of the scholarship is in my financial condition. It allows me to totally depend on myself, so I start to consider my life completely in my hands (instead of my family's).

Why did you choose to study at Imperial?
I am attracted by the idea of dipolar molecule BEC. The dipolar molecule BEC is a Bose-Einstein Condensation formed by dipolar molecules like CaF and KbF. When the temperature is low enough - approximately tens of nK - all the molecules occupy the same ground quantum state. In other words, they share one wavefunction. This generates quantum entanglement, which can be used in quantum information. It can also be used for precise measurement, and the test for models beyond Standard Model. It is a challenge comparing with atom BECs, but also an exciting and meaningful one.

What have you been up to on the programme so far?
I have just started and have been spending my time so far getting familiar with the vacuum system and optical apparatus.