Tahiyat HuqStart date: 01-10-2018
Academic department: Physics
Title of research project: Nonlinear study of nanophotonic and nanostructured materials
Academic supervisor: Dr Riccardo Sapienza
Native country: United Kingdom

How has the scholarship award enabled you to pursue your ambitions? 
I travelled to a Nanophotonics summer-school in Amsterdam, which was an enriching experience in disseminating and discussing research work with peers and academics. Moreover, the scholarship has facilitated living in London with ease.

Why did you choose to study at Imperial? 
Imperial is a world-class research university with a long-standing history in Optics and currently hosts a large and active research community in this field. Vitally, the topic, facilities, and my supervisor were a good fit, so I decided to come here for my PhD.

What have you been up to on the programme so far? 
The research project has consisted of lots of experimentation, optimising and carrying out studies using the nonlinear optical setup, designing nonlinear nanosystems and preparing manuscripts. Through this scholarship programme, I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet students from other faculties, and the annual Schrödinger Lectures have been very inspiring indeed.