PhD trainingFor all recruitment, a member of the relevant Recruitment Cluster will provide support with the process from end to end (from placing the advert, through to the offer stage), liaising with the hiring manager and applicants during the process.  Find out more about roles and responsibilites within the new process.

Department Recruitment Clusters

Seven Recruitment Clusters have been established within the Faculty, each providing dedicated recruitment support to their Departments. The Faculty’s HR Advisers are responsible for coordinating the work of the Clusters, and they can be contacted at:

Faculty of Natural Sciences HR Advisers

Paul Elliott

Chemistry, Grantham, Mathematics & Physics Clusters
Tel: 020 7594 1764

Rosemond Nyarko

Life Sciences, Faculty Centre & CEP Clusters
Tel: 020 7594 5489

Contacting the Recruitment Clusters

The Recruitment Clusters themselves can be contacted by e-mail at: 

Find out more about the Department Recruitment Clusters here

Further information

Further information

HR team member on the phone

Advertising a post

Information and guidance on recruitment, including templates for adverts and job descriptions, are available on the Recruitment and Selection webpages.

When advertising for a new post, as a first step hiring managers will need to complete the template for hiring managers (Word). The completed form, together with the draft advert and job description for the post, should be sent to the relevant Department Recruitment Cluster e-mail address. The vacancy will then be allocated to a member of the Cluster, who will provide dedicated support throughout the recruitment process.


TalentLink FAQs, and Online training

FAQs on the new e-Recruitment system and processes have been put together. In addition, a series of videos to help support members of the Recruitment Clusters and those who will be taking the role of Approvers when using TalentLink have been created.

The FAQs and videos can be accessed here