This policy constitutes a consistent position that has been agreed by the Dean and Heads of Department.

  •  Anyone can retire if they meet with the appropriate USS conditions.
  • It is possible for employment to continue after retirement. The department does not have to agree to this request – it may refuse such requests due to economic factors, business needs, inability to reorganise work amongst existing staff and succession planning, amongst other factors.
  • If the department agrees the request, the new contract will be temporary (maximum 5 years) and part-time. A break in employment of at least one month is required to establish that this is a new contract. The contract may be extended at the end of three years, subject to business need.
  • The number of hours of the new contract will be influenced by the staff member’s PI time on grants and/or teaching equivalent, up to a maximum of 50%. The staff member is expected to teach at a load equivalent to his/her FTE.
  • The department will also consider requests for flexible retirement as part of a plan leading to full retirement (without break in service). The factors influencing the decision on whether this is possible and the details of FTE and time frame will be as above.