This page offers instructions, guidance and training for accessing key College services remotely and ensuring that you're able to work effectively when off campus.

Please also consult the College's COVID-19 staff page, which includes information on HR guidance, returning to campus, working remotely, safety, wellbeing, research, and other guidance including on travel.

Accessing ICT resources

ICT services that are on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. For other services you may need to connect via the Remote Desktop Gateway or the College's Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Read ICT's accessing services remotely when off campus web pages for instructions.

Call forwarding and using phone numbers

Staff are able to forward their calls to any UK landline or mobile number. Call forwards can either be activated on the handset itself or remotely by using the telephony self-service tool (don’t forget to prefix the number with a 9).

Staff can also make internal calls to colleagues whilst working remotely by using Microsoft Teams. You will require a laptop with a speaker and microphone or a headset to make calls.

During the period where some College activity is still being conducted remotely, it may be appropriate for staff to use a personal mobile phone number or email for work-related communications. If you are making use of personal phone numbers please ensure they are used appropriately and in line with College data protection policies and processes.

Collaborating and communicating

The College offers several tools to help you collaborate while you work remotely. Find out more by visiting ICT's sharing and collaboration tools web pages.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a great application for communicating with colleagues or external contacts using instant messages, video or audio calls, screen sharing and shared document access.

Find out more about Microsoft Teams on ICT's website.

Remote teaching

Guidance is available for academic staff and students on the online delivery of teaching. This includes use of Panopto and Microsoft Teams, and provides advice for students on how to attend class remotely.

Data Protection

Read gudiance on the ICT website on how to stay secure when working remotely.

Guidance is also available on the data protection considerations during this period of remote operations.


Health and wellbeing

We know this is a very difficult time for our community, and that anxiety around COVID-19 may be affecting your wellbeing. Guides, links and resources are available at the following links to help.

For more information, please visit the College's health and wellbeing website.