Many of the functions performed across the Faculty Office and Departments have inter-relationships and are dependent on one another to work well and provide a good service. To promote good team working and support career development it is important that we have an understanding of other areas. Shadowing across Faculty and Department teams facilitates insight into how other teams run, and enables better connections with colleagues throughout FoNS.

Work Shadowing can bring a number of benefits for individuals, teams and the wider Faculty, including:

  • Offering a mutually beneficial experience for both the individual shadowing and team
  • Providing the opportunity to gain a greater insight into how other teams work, and different role responsibilities
  • Boosting communication and collaboration between teams
  • Encouraging interaction, team building and broadening horizons
  • Providing the opportunity to gain a better perspective on the skills, knowledge and experience required in other teams
  • Aiding development

The Scheme is open to staff across the Faculty who have completed their probation period.

Arranging work shadowing

1. Identify an area of the Faculty (particular team or role) you would like to learn more about.

2. Discuss your plans with your line manager and seek their agreement (taking into consideration, for example, workloads at that time and other operational considerations).

You and your manager might discuss:

  • The purpose of the shadowing arrangement, for example if there is some particular knowledge you would like to develop or particular processes you want to learn or observe.
  • The benefits the shadowing arrangement would bring to you and your team.
  • The duration of the shadowing arrangement. It is suggested that, as a minimum, a shadowing arrangement would take up no less than half a day (up to a maximum of 2 days).

3. After obtaining your managers approval, please send your shadowing request to Emily Michael (Employee Engagement Coordinator).

Include in your e-mail:

  • The area you would like to shadow
  • What you hope to gain from the arrangement
  • The proposed duration of the arrangement
  • When you would like the arrangement to start

Emily will send details of your request to the relevant team, and seek their agreement.

4. Where your request is agreed, Emily will confirm the key contact for your work shadowing arrangement.  You should then arrange a pre-meet with your key contact to finalise the details - the pre-meet may cover, for example:

  • Confirming work shadowing arrangements (dates and times)
  • Discussing the types of activities that will be covered during the arrangement
  • Any additional information to consider (such as any Health & Safety considerations and/or risk assessments that may need to be completed)

5. Once the arrangements are confirmed, send Emily the details.

During the shadowing arrangement, please respect the confidentiality of any information you are privy to, and any policies and procedures in place in respect of the activities you are participating in.

Once the shadowing arrangement is completed, Emily will contact you for feedback. Feedback obtained will be used to inform any changes or improvements needed to the Faculty scheme.

Other learning and development opportunities

There are a range of other sources of support within the College to assist learning and career development. These include: