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AB - The GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well solar cell (QWSC) shows promise as a novelapproach to higher efficiency solar cells but suffers from a poor short circuitcurrent Jsc. We report on efforts to reduce this problem with the use ofcompositional grading and back surface mirroring. We present experimentalquantum efficiency (QE) data on a range of compositionally graded QWSCs anddevices in which the back surface of the cell is coated with a mirror,increasing the optical thickness of the quantum well layer in the longwavelength range. The experimental QE spectra are reproduced by a model whichdeals with arbitrary compositional profiles and optical cavities formed in themirrored cells. The model is used to design an optimised QWSC, and projectedJsc values given. Applications including II-VI and tandem solar cells areconsidered.
AU - Connolly,JP
AU - Barnham,KWJ
AU - Nelson,J
AU - Roberts,C
AU - Pate,M
AU - Roberts,JS
TI - Short circuit current enhancement in GaAs/AlGaAs MQW solar cells
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