National Neonatal Research Database (NNRD) steering board 
1) Co-Chair Professor Kate Costeloe
2) Co-Chair (also representing Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health National Neonatal Audit Programme) Professor Andrew Wilkinson
3) NNRD Chief Investigator  Professor Neena Modi
4) Welsh Neonatal Network Dr Sujoy Banerjee
5) Neonatal Data Analysis Unit Dr Cheryl Battersby
6) Neonatal Data Analysis Unit Dr Sabita Uthaya 
7) Bliss Chloe Morton 
8) NHS England Clinical Reference Group  Dr Victoria Puddy
9) Parent representative  Ms Eleanor Cook
10) Parent representative Ms Miriam Haddu
11) British Association of Perinatal Medicine (also representing Scottish Neonatal Units) Dr Helen Mactier
12) Primary Care Professor Azeem Majeed
13) Neonatal Network Managers   Ms Gina Outram
14) Neonatal Trainee Dr Phillipa Rees 
15) Neonatal Trainee Dr Tim Van Hasselt
16) UK Neonatal Collaborative Dr Vimal Vasu
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