The Centre has use of a Two Photon Laser Scanning Microscopy Facility, established as a result of collaboration between Scientifica Ltd and the Schultz Laboratory.  The facility comprises three Scientifica Multiphoton laser scanning microscopes: two galvanometric microscopes and one resonant scanning microscope.  These microscopes allow fluorescence signals related to neural signalling to be imaged in live brain tissue.

FLIM module for two-photon microscope

Attaching a Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) module to a two-photon microscope enables us to perform two-photon FRET-FLIM to monitor the activation of key signalling molecules such as cAMP, metabolic molecules such as glucose, ATP and calcium activated proteases such as calpains in light scattering tissue, i.e. in the cell natural environment.  Centre equipment funds allowed a FLIM module to be installed on a two photon microscope located at Imperial College’s MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, for the use of Centre members.

This equipment is available for use by any member of the Centre for Neurotechnology; for enquiries please get in touch with the contacts listed below.

Locations: South Kensington (multiphoton lab), Hammersmith Campus (two-photon microscope with FLIM module)

Contact: Amanda Foust (multiphoton lab), Vincenzo De Paola (two-photon microscope with FLIM)