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Lab Based

Supervisor(s)Project Title
Prof Martyn Boutelle, Prof Emm Mic Drakakis Wearable sensors for detection of ALS
Prof Molly Stevens Developing innovative biomaterials for regenerative medicine, advanced therapeut
Prof Simon Schultz, Dr Ann Go Multiphoton imaging of the hippocampus in mouse models of neurodegenerative dise
Prof Simon Schultz, Dr Barry Seemungal Assessing the effect of Dopamine on mutual information of Perceptuo-Motor Coupli
Prof Timothy Contandinou, Dr Barry Seemungal Use of electrophysiological and structural markers of inter-hemispheric connectivity to model the beneficial effect of noisy galvanic vestibular stimulation upon postural control‌
Dr Andrew Shevchuk, Dr Kambiz Alavian Understanding the role of mitochondrial metabolic efficiency in synaptic transmission and plasticity
Dr Rylie Green oelectronic interfaces in vitro
Dr Rylie Green, Dr Bogachan Tahirbegi ultradense ECoG (Electrocorticography) arrays
Dr Rylie Green, Dr Bogachan Tahirbegi
Dr Samuel Barnes Investigating the Effect of Temporal Interference Stimulation to induce brain wide plasticity
Dr Samuel Barnes, Dr Johanna Jackson Utilisation of SV2a as a biomarker in Alzheimer’s Disease
Dr Shlomi Haar Movement and neural variability in real-world motor tasks
Dr Shlomi Haar, Dr Aldo Faisal Real-World Motor Learning in Embodied Virtual Reality
Dr Shlomi Haar, Dr Yen Tai Neurobehavioural biomarkers for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
Dr Adrien Rapeaux TBC
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Desk Based

SupervisorsProject Title
Prof David Sharp, Dr Mazdak Ghajari  Computational prediction of vascular injuries after traumatic brain injury
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