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Presentations in 2013

12/12/13 Silvia Ardila Jiménez Functional Coupling from Simple to Complex Cells in the Visually Driven Cortical Circuit
Yu & Ferster (2013) J Neurosci
05/12/13 Caroline Copeland Deep Cortical Layers Are Activated Directly by Thalamus
Constantinople & Bruno (2013) Science
28/11/13 Susanna Mitolo Specific Impairment of “What-Where-When” Episodic-Like Memory in Experimental Models of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Inostroza et al (2013) J Neurosci
21/11/13 Matthew TC Brown Cortical interneurons that specialize in disinhibitory control
Pi et al, Kepecs (2013) Nature
14/11/13 Oshiorenoya Agabi Linear transformation of thalamocortical input by intracortical excitation.
Li, Ibrahim, Liu, Zhang & Tao (2013) Nat Neurosci.
7/11/13 Joseph Sollini Local inhibition modulates learning-dependent song encoding in the songbird auditory cortex
Thompson, Jeanne and Gentner (2012) J Neurophys
31/10/13 External guest:
Amanda J Foust (University Paris Descartes, Paris)
Insights into action potential generation, fidelity, and plasticity gained through high signal-to-noise ratio voltage imaging
24/10/13 Simon Schultz Encoded multisite two-photon microscopy
Ducros et al (2013) PNAS
10/10/13 Romain Cazé The Orbitofrontal Cortex as Part of a Hierarchical Neural System Mediating Choice between Two Good Options
Keiflin et al (2013) J Neurosci
3/10/13 Kit Cheung Short-Term Plasticity Explains Irregular Persistent Activity in Working Memory Tasks
Hansel & Mato (2013) J Neurosci
26/09/13 Luca Annecchino Tracing Inputs to Inhibitory or Excitatory Neurons of Mouse and Cat Visual Cortex with a Targeted Rabies Virus
Liu et al (2013) Curr Biol
12/09/13 Alex Morris ReaChR: a red-shifted variant of channelrhodopsin enables deep transcranial optogenetic excitation
Lin et al (2013) Nat Neurosci
05/09/13 Alexandra Berditchevskaia In Vivo Two-Photon Ca2+ Imaging Reveals Selective Reward Effects on Stimulus-Specific Assemblies in Mouse Visual Cortex
Goltstein et al (2013) J Neurosci
29/08/13 Caroline Golden Responses of pulvinar neurons reflect a subject's confidence in visual categorization
Komura et al. (2013) Nat Neurosci
22/08/13 Jiaying Feng Orientation-selective Responses in the Mouse Lateral Geniculate Nucleus
Zhao et al (2013) J Neurosci
15/08/13 Tomaso Muzzu Spillover-Mediated Feedforward Inhibition Functionally Segregates Interneuron Activity
Coddington, Rudolph, Vande Lune, Overstreet-Wadiche & Wadiche (2013) Neuron
8/08/13 Silvia Ardila Jiminez Attention enhances synaptic efficacy and the signal-to-noise ratio in neural circuits Briggs, Mangun & Usrey (2013) Nature
1/08/13 MTC Brown Creating a False Memory in the Hippocampus
Raimerez et al (2013) Science 26 July:
25/07/13 Joseph Sollini Analogues of simple and complex cells in rhesus monkey auditory cortex
Tian , KuĊ›mierek & Rauschecker (2013) 110(19):7892-7897
11/07/13 External guest:
Dr Colin Akerman (Oxford)
**Location: RSM 2.28**
Title: Studying ionic plasticity at inhibitory synapses in the brain
04/07/13 Osh Agabi Emergence of Orientation Selectivity in the Mammalian Visual Pathway
Scholl, Tan,Corey,Priebe (2013) J Neurosci
27/06/13 Sarah Jarvis Neural coding during active somatosensation revealed using illusory touch
O'Connor, et al., Svoboda (2013) Nature Neuroscience, doi:10.1038/nn.3419
20/06/13 External guest:
Eftychios Pnevmatikakis (Columbia)
Robust learning of low-dimensional dynamics from large neural ensembles
13/06/13 Susanne Mitolo Application of an optogenetic byway for perturbing neuronal activity via glial photostimulation
Sasaki, Beppu, Tanaka, Fukazawa, Shigemo to, Matsui (2012) PNAS
06/06/ 13 Romain Cazé Dendritic coding of multiple sensory inputs in single cortical neurons in vivo
Varga, Jia, Sakmann, Konnerth (2011) PNAS
30/05/13 Toby Petty Imaging of Mitochondrial and Non-Mi tochondrial Responses in Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neurons Exposed to Micromolar Concentrations of TMRM
Monteith et al (2013) PLoS One
23/05/13 Tomaso Muzzu The Long-term Structural Plasticity of Cerebellar Parallel Fiber Axons and Its Modulation by Motor Learning
Carillo et al (2013) J Neuroscience
16/05/13 Susu Chen Sublin ear integration underlies binocular processing in primary visual cortex
Longordo, To, Ikeda & Stuart (2013) Nat Neurosci
09/05/13 Luca Annecchino Cortico-cortical projections in mouse visual cortex are functionally target specific
Glickfeld, Andermann, Bonin & Reid (2013) Nat Neurosci
25/04/13 Toby Petty Glutamate decreases mitochondrial size and movement in primary forebrain neurons.
Rintoul et al. (2003) J Neurosci
18/04/13 Kit Cheung Inhibitory Interneurons Decorrelate Excitatory Cells to Drive Sparse Code Formation in a Spiking Model of V1
King, Zylberberg & DeWeese (2013) J Neurosci
11/04/13 Caroline Golden Slow integration leads to persistent action potential
firing in distal axons of coupled interneurons

Sheffield et al (2011) Nat Neurosci.
04/04/13 Jiaying Tang Diverse Visual Features Encoded in Mouse Lateral Geniculate Nucleus
Piscopo et al. (2013) J Neurosci.
21/03/13 Gatsby COSYNE wrap-up
Location: Royal School of Mines, Rm 3.03 (Bagrit Seminar Room)
14/03/13 Alex Morris Unique functional properties of somatostatin-expressing GABAergic neurons in mouse barrel cortex
Gentet et al. (2012) Nat Neuro
7/03/13 Silvia Ardila Jimenez Gating of Sensory Input by Spontaneous Cortical Activity
Luczak, Bartho & Harris (2013) J Neurosci.
28/02/13 Alexandra
Reversible online control of habitual behavior by optogenetic perturbation of medial prefrontal cortex.
Smith, Virkud, Deisseroth & Graybiel (2012) PNAS
14/02/13 Matthew TC Brown Concurrent activation of striatal direct and indirect pathways during action initiation
Cui et al (2013) Nature
05/02/13 Sarah Jarvis Joint journal club with Gatsby
Location: Gatsby
Principles governing the operation of synaptic inhibition in dendrites.
Gidon and Segev (2012) Neuron
31/01/13 Susanna Mitolo "Sensorimotor mismatch signals in primary visual cortex
of the behaving mouse"

Keller, Bonhoeffer and Hübener (2012) Neuron
24/01/13  Sarah Jarvis  In-house seminar: "Structural heterogeneities in neuronal networks:
their role in the emergence of stable, separable dynamics"
17/01/13  Oshiorenoya Agabi  **location moved t o RSM4.01**
A Continuous Semantic Space Descr ibes the Representation of Thousands of Object and Action Categories across the Human Brain

A Huth, S Nishimoto, A Vu & J Gallant, Neuron, Dec 2012



June 28, 2012

Oshiorenoya Agabi
Gating and control of primary visual cortex by pulvinar
G Purushothaman, R Marion, K Li & V Casagrande, Nature Neurosci., June 2012.

June 12 (at 2pm, joint meeting with Gatsby at UCL)

Simon Schultz
Clonally related visual cortical neurons show similar stimulus feature selectivity
Y Li et al., Nature, June 2012.
Preferential electrical coupling regulates neocortical lineage-dependent microcircuit assembly
Y Yu et al., Nature, June 2012.

June 7

Remus Osan
Evaluation of Target Search Efficiency for Neurons with Balanced Arborization During Developmental Growth

May 31

Alexandra Berditchevskaia
Control of timing, rate and bursts of hippocampal place cells by dendritic and somatic inhibition
S Royer, B Zemelman, A Losonczy, J Kim, F Chance, J Magee & G Buzsáki, Nat. Neurosci., Mar. 2012.

May 24

Stefan Glasauer
Combining sensory input, prior experience, and symbolic cues in an iterative Bayesian framework

May 17

Anastasia Sylaidi
Deliberation in the Motor System: Reflex Gains Track Evolving Evidence Leading to a Decision
L Selen, M Shadlen and D Wolpert, J. Neurosci., Feb. 2012.

May 10 (joint meeting with Gatsby, at RSM G38)

Marius Pachitariu
Activity recall in a visual cortical ensemble
S Xu, W Jiang, M Poo & Y Dan, Nature Neurosci., Mar. 2012.

May 3

Oshiorenoya Agabi
Effects of Long-Term Visual Experience on Respons es of Distinct Classes of Single Units in Inferior Temporal Cortex
L Woloszyn and D Sheinberg, Neuron, Apr. 2012.

Apr. 26

David Schulz
Predicting functional connectivity in primary visual cortex

Apr. 17 (at 2pm, joint meeting with Gatsby at UCL)

Andreas Thomik
The Geometric Structure of the Brain Fiber Pathways
VJ Wedeen et al., Science, Mar. 2012

Ap r. 12

Kit Longden
Temporal En coding of Spatial Information during Act ive Visual Fixation
Kuang X, Poletti M, Victor JD, Rucci M, Curr. Biol. Mar. 2012.

Mar. 29

Pierre Yger
Generation of a Synthetic Memory Trace
A Garner, D Rowland, S Hwang, K Baumgaertel, B. Roth, C Kentros, M. Mayford, Science, Mar. 2012.
Optogenetic stimulation of a hippocampal engram activates fear memory recall
X Liu, S Ramirez, P Pang, C Puryear, A Govindarajan, K Deisseroth & S Tonegawa, Nature, Mar. 2012.

Mar. 22

Sarah Lewis
Acute Cannabinoids Impair Working Memory through Astroglial CB1 Receptor Modulation of Hippocampal LTD
J. Han et al., Cell, Mar. 2012

Mar. 15  (joint meeting with Gatsby, at RSM 3.01D)

COSYNE wrap-up

Mar. 8

Shabnam Kadir
Spike sorting for large dense arrays

Feb. 16 (at 11am, joint meeting with Gatsby at UCL)

Michael Okun
Conditional modulation of spike-timing-dependent plasticity for olfactory learning
Stijn Cassenaer & Gilles Laurent, Nature, Feb. 2012.

Feb. 9

Isabel Delgado Ruz
In vivo conditions influence the coding of stimulus features by bursts of action potentials
OA Akerberg and M Chacron, J. Comp. Neurosci. 2011.

Feb. 2

Tomaso Muzzu
Identification of an Inhibitory Circuit that Regulates Cerebellar Golgi Cell Activity
C Hull, W Regehr, Neuron, Jan. 2012

Jan. 26 (we begin at 10:15)

Martina Wicklein
Why Do Axons Differ in Caliber?
J Perge, J Niven, E Mugnaini, V Balasubramanian, P Sterling, J. Neurosci. Jan 2012.

Jan. 19 (at RSM 1.47, joint meeting with Gatsby)

Lars Buesing
Neural correlates of reliability-based cue weighting during multisensory integration
C Fetsch, A Pouget, G DeAngelis & D. Angelaki, Nat. Neurosci. Jan. 2012

Jan. 12

Paul Chadderton
A disinhibitory microcircuit for associative fear learning in the auditory cortex
J Letzkus,S Wolff, E Meyer, P T ovote, J Courtin, C Herry & A Lüthi, Nature Dec. 2011.

Jan. 5

Simon Schultz
Theta-paced flickering between place-cell maps in the hippocampus
K Jezek, E Henriksen, A Treves, E Moser, M Moser, Nature Oct. 2011.



Dec. 22

Joseph Sollini
Functional organization and population dynamics in the mouse primary auditory cortex
G Rothschild, I Nelken, A Mizrahi, Nature Neuroscience 2010

Dec. 15

Pierre Yger
Inhibitory Plasticity Balances Excitation and Inhibition in Sensory Pathways and Memory Networks
T Vogels, H Sprekeler, F Zenke, C Clopath, W Gerstner, Science 2011.

Dec. 1

Michael Okun
Presynaptic Gating of Postsynaptically Expressed Plasticity at Mature Thalamocortical Synapses
Blundon J, Bayazitov I, Zakharenko S, Journal of Neuroscience, Nov. 2011.

Nov. 22 (at 2pm, joint meeting with Gatsby at UCL)

SfN wrap-up

Nov. 10

SfN posters presentation:
Elena Phoka - Modification of spontaneous neocortical laminar dynamics by sensory stimulation
Nir Grossman - Talking to cells with light: MicroLEDs for two dimensional retinal prosthesis and optogenetic applications
Michael Okun - Similarity of spontaneous and sensory evoked activity does not imply Bayesian inference in cortex>

Nov. 3

Bilal Haider
Inhibitory control of responsiveness in primary visual cortex

Oct. 25 (at 2pm, RSM 4.01, joint meeting with Gatsby)

Peter Latham
Grid cells generate an analog error-correcting code for singularly precise neural computation
Sreenivasan S and Fiete I, Nature Neurosci., Oct. 2011

Oct. 20

Kit Longden
Microcircuits of functionally identified neurons in the rat medial entorhinal cortex
Burgalossi A, Herfst L, von Heimendahl M, Förste H, Haskic K, Schmidt M, Brecht M, Neuron, May 2011.

Oct. 13

Petra Vertes
Scale-free statistics of neuronal assemblies predict learning performance

July 19 (RSM 3.03)

Literature survey

July 12 (2pm, joint meeting with Gatsby, at UCL)

Shabnam Kadir
Inhibitory Stabilization of the Cortical Network Underlies Visual Surround Suppression
H. Ozeki, I. Finn, E. Schaffer, K. Miller, D.Ferster, Neuron, May 2009.

July 5 (RSM 3.03)

Martina Wicklein
Normalization for Sparse Encoding of Odors by a Wide-Field Interneuron
M Papadopoulou, S Cassenaer, T Nowotny, G Laurent, Science, May 2011.

June 28

Florian Gerard-Mercier
Role of feedforward geniculate inputs in the generation of orientation selectivity in the cat's primary visual cortex
S Viswanathan, J Jayakumar, T Vidyasagar, Journal of Physiology, May 2011.

June 21

Isabel Delgado Ruz
A normalization model of multisensory integration
T Ohshiro, D Angelaki, G DeAngelis, Nature Neurosci., May 2011

June 7 (at 2pm, RSM 2.28, joint meeting with Gatsby unit)

Zhaoping Li
Review of the collected literature findings on retinotopy and its implications on top-down and bottom-up attentional guidance

May 31

Alex Berditchevskaia
Dense Inhibitory Connectivity in Neocortex
E. Fino and R. Yuste, Neuron, March 2011.

May 27 (at 10:30, RSM 2.28)

Máté Lengyel
The sampling hypothesis: neural variability and statistical inference in the cortex

May 17

Ali Neishabouri
Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Brain-wide Wiring Networks in Drosophila at Single-Cell Resolution
AS Chiang, et al., Current Biology, Jan. 2011

May 3

Simon Schultz
Some cool optical technologies for neuroscience
Related reading: and

Apr. 19 (at 14:00, RSM 4.01)

Tom Daniel
Driven by vision:  the enigma of antennal mechanoreception in flight control of hawkmoths

Apr. 12

Ulrik Beierholm
Causal Inference in Perception

Apr. 5 (2pm, joint meeting with Gatsby, at UCL)

Kenneth Harris
A neural circuit mechanism integrating motivational state with memory expression in Drosophila
MJ Krashes, et al., S Waddell, Cell 2009.

Extracurricular meeting: Apr. 4 (10:00am, 744 Huxley bldg.)

David Balduzzi
What can a neuron do for its brain? Communicate selectivity with spikes

Mar. 29

Literature survey

Mar. 15

Giorgio Gilestro
Sleep in Drosophila

Mar. 8

Zhaoping Li
V1 as a bottom-up saliency map, theory and experiment

Feb. 22

Michael Okun
Experience-Induced Neural Circuits That Achieve High Capacity
V. Feldman, L. Valiant, Neural Computation, Sept. 2009.

Feb. 15

Marieke Scholvinck
Structure in neuronal noise: the functional role of spontaneous brain activity

Feb. 1

Paul Chadderton
Slow integration leads to persistent action potential firing in distal axons of coupled interneurons
MEJ Sheffield et al. & N Spruston, Nat. Neurosci., Dec. 2010

Jan. 25 (at 14:00, RSM G35, joint meeting with Gatsby unit)

Jakob Macke
Ephaptic coupling of cortical neurons
CA Anastassiou, R Perin, H Markram, C Koch, Nat. Neurosci. 2011

Jan. 18

Agabi E. Oshiorenoya
A model of peripheral nervous system i n vitro: aspects of communication and computation
Marion Langen
Postmitotic Notch signaling regulates axon targeting and robustness of neuronal connectivity

Jan. 14 (15:30, at Caro seminar room = RSM 4.01)

Pierre Yger
Chaos control and plasticity in neuronal networks with ongoing activity


Dec. 9

Jiaying Tang

Visual Function in Mice with Photoreceptor Degeneration and Transgenic Expression of Channelrhodopsin 2 in Ganglion Cells,
Thyagarajan et al., Journal of Neuroscience, June 30, 2010, 30(26):8745-8758

Nov. 30

Kenneth Harris

A review of several papers on cortical state and attention (at Gatsby Unit)

Nov. 25

Alex Berditchevskaia

High-performance genetically targetable optical neural silencing by light-driven proton pumps,
Chow et al., Nature 463, 98-102 (7 January 2010)

Nov. 4

Isabel Delgado-Ruz
Poster presentation (practice for SfN) on identifying location and morphology of neurons from MEA

Oct. 5 (RSM 1.47)

Vincenzo Crunelli (Cardiff).
Thalamic oscillations, sleep, and absence epilepsy

Oct. 1

Kenneth Harris
Prefrontal acetylcholine release controls cue detection on multiple timescales,
Parikh et al., Neuron. 2007 Oct 4;56(1):141-54.

Sept. 20

Aurel Lazar (Columbia).
System Identification of Drosophila Olfactory Sensory Neurons.

Sept. 17

Aldo Faisal
Optimally Interacting Minds
Bahrami et al, Science. Aug 2010; 329(5995):1081-1085

Aug. 27

Kit Longden
Two-photon calcium imaging from head-fixed Drosophila during optomotor walking behavior.
Seelig et al., Nat Methods. 2010 Jul;7(7):535-40
Walking Modulates Speed Sensitivity in Drosophila Motion Vision.
Chiappe et al., Curr Biol. 2010 Jul 21

Aug. 26

Carlos Ribeiro (Gulbenkian Institute, Portugal)
Nutritional value-based decisions in Drosophila

Aug. 20

Simon Schultz
Chronic cellular imaging of mouse visual cortex during operant behavior and passive viewing
Andermann et al., Front. Cell. Neurosci. 4:3, March 2010