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AB - Advancements in miniaturisation and new capabilities of implantable devices impose a need for the development of compact, hermetic, and CMOS-compatible micro packaging methods. Gold-tin-based eutectic bonding presents the potential for achieving low-footprint seals with low permeability to moisture at process temperatures below 350 compfnC. This work describes a method for the deposition of Au:Sn eutectic alloy frames by sequential electroplating from commercially available solutions. Frames were bonded on the chip-level in the process of eutectic bonding. Bond quality was characterised through shear force measurements, scanning electron microscopy, visual inspection, and immersion tests. Characterisation of seals geometry, solder thickness, and bonding process parameters was evaluated, along with toxicity assessment of bonding layers to the human fibroblast cells. With a successful bond yield of over 70% and no cytotoxic effect, Au:Sn eutectic bonding appears as a suitable method for the protection of integrated circuitry in implantable applications.
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