We have a Google calendar for the Centre/CDT, to which we add important dates, major deadlines and other relevant events (eg colloquia, research symposium, coursework deadlines etc). Please see below instructions for subscribing to the calendar on your PC, mac or mobile device:


  • Open Outlook and go to the calendar view page
  • In the ‘Home’ ribbon, find ‘Open Calendar’ and select ‘From Internet’
  • Paste the following link: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/icneurotechnology%40gmail.com/private-b87a072c0dcd005c385dd8868f648455/basic.ics
  • Select OK
  • Select Yes
  • The calendar should now appear under ‘Other Calendars’ in your Outlook’s left navigation bar
  • To view the calendar in overlay mode, where it will merge with your personal calendar, go to the ‘View’ ribbon and select ‘Overlay’(which may require temporarily deselecting other calendars in your list depending on whether the Overlay button is clickable)

Google calendar:

Apple Calendar: