The Next Generation Neural Interfaces (NGNI) lab hosted a "Behind-the-Scenes" event for Friends of Imperial College on the evening of 25th January 2017. This event included:

  • Welcome and introduction by Timothy Constandinou
  • Lab tours and research demonstrations:
    • Microelectronics design. Overview to the process of design integrated circuits by Lieuwe Leene
    • Implantable devices for recording and decoding neural activity by Song Luan
    • How neural microsystems are tested. Lab demonstration by Yan Liu
    • Bio-inspired systems. Demonstrating and describing latest developments in silicon retinas and neuromorphic chips by Dr Konstantin Nikolic
    • Lab tours by Dorian Haci, Adrien Rapeaux, Deren Barsakcioglu, Timothy Constandinou
  • Interactive poster session with the entire NGNI group describing our current research projects.

Behind the Scenes @ NGNI

– Photo credit: Ermis Koutsos