The Next Generation Neural Interfaces (NGNI) team at Angmering-by-Sea during the group 2018 away weekend.

NGNI Away Weekend 2018 Boomerang Video

The Next Generation Neural Interfaces (NGNI) Lab had its 2018 away weekend from 2-4 March on the south coast at Angmering-by-Sea. Great opportunity for us to look at the bigger picture, discuss things we never do, and just spend quality time together.

We would like to share some of the highlights - also see our team drone video shot! (taken using DJI Mavic Air)

Photos of brainstorming activities using lots of postit notes

No away weekend would be complete without lots of post-its: (left) Francesca/Yan/Peilong predicting what scientific research in our field will by up to in 30 years time; (centre) sub-groups coming together to discuss our overall vision; (right) Timo/Ian/Dorian/Nur presenting the final verdict.
Photos of various work/non-work activities during the weekend.
Some time away to think: (left) Team "vision" planning afternoon activities for the group; (centre) Federico taking in the view for some inspiration; (right) some people trying to work whilst Tim is flying his drone indoors.
Kasia facilitating Pirates of the Carribean? Team activity on promoting good communication.
Photos of group all wearing blindfolds doing group activity in support of communication skills.Some time also for R&R: (top-left) Kasia/Francesca up to something; (bottom-left) Federico/Lieuwe taking on some extreme sports; (top-centre) the elephant in the room; (botton-centre) Yan keeping us all warm; (top-right) us venturing outdoors; (bottom-right) group sitting around the cosy fireplace.
Photo of NGNI group in front of away weekend venue and sunset
Finally, the snow and storm subside and the sun emerges!
Photos of our meal-times.
NGNI takes mealtime seriously: (left) Dorian selfy-ing at dinnertime; (centre) Chef's Federico and LIeuwe serving Italian/French fusion; (right) Adrien's masterpiece - brûlée-ing his creations whilst serving.
Photos of some of the food dishes we prepared during the weekend.
NGNI culinary creations: (top left) Kasia/Nur/Michal's bread muffins, cinnamon twists; and left-over apple and berry crumble - from->; (bottom left) Federico/Lieuwe/Ian's pasta bake; (centre) food for thought; (right) crepes - French/Italian sweet and Chinese savory.