We are looking for talented and motivated individuals wishing to pursue original research leading to a Ph.D. degree. You will join a multidisciplinary close-knit team developing next-generation neural interfaces

Currently, we are seeking candidates with a focus on:

  • Microfabrication, microsystems engineering, and/or MEMS;
  • Ultra low power integrated circuit design/microelectronics;
  • Wireless microsystems for power transfer and digital communication;
  • Real-time DSP and embedded system design.

Past relevant experience is highly desirable but not essential. Ideal candidates from an engineering/scientific background - e.g. EEE/bioengineering/physics. Funding opportunities exist for high-caliber UK and EU candidates.

If you are interested please contact Tim Constandinou (t.constandinou@imperial.ac.uk) with your CV and a short statement stating your ambitions, specific interest(s) on the topic, and our lab in general.

Studentships are available to enroll immediately, or for the next academic year (starting October 2021).