Every year, we host a number of short-term research projects -- for students from one of the following streams:

  • Final year undegraduate (BEng and MEng) Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) students
  • Final year undegraduate (MEng) Bioengineering students
  • Masters degree (MSc/MRes) students - Analogue and Digital IC Design MSc, Communications & Signal Processing MSc, Applied Machine Learning MSc, Bioengineering MSc, Neurotechnology MRes
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) and Industry Placement (IP) - Summer placements
  • Erasmus students - from other institutions taking their final year/thesis projects

Self-Proposed Projects

  • Topic: In field of biomedical circuits and systems, integrated circuit design, implantable devices, neural microsystems, brain machine interfaces, neural interfaces.
  • For more information: Please contact Tim Constandinou (t.constandinou@imperial.ac.uk) with your CV and a brief description of your proposed project - this should describe the motivation, background, objectives and end goal.