NameStatusThesis Title
Oscar Savolainen PhD, Year 1 (registered 10/2018) Microelectronics for Implantable Neural Interfaces (ENGINI project page)
Matthew Cavuto Marshall Scholar (registered 10/2017, MSc/MPhil) Investigation of Insertion Mechanism to Achieve Chronic Recording Stability of Semi-Rigid Neural Probe (ENGINI project page)
Bryan Hsieh PhD, Year 1 (registered 10/2016, Neurotechnology CDT 1+3 MRes/PhD) Microdevices to Investigate Sleep and Temperature Regulation in Mice
Michal Maslik PhD, Year 2 (registered 10/2016), Imperial College President's PhD Scholar Microelectronics for Implantable Neural Interfaces (ENGINI project page)
Nur Ahmadi PhD, Year 2 (registered 04/2016) Real time neural signal processing for next generation brain-machine interfaces (ENGINI project page)
Peilong Feng PhD, Year 2 (registered 02/2016) Completely wireless infrastructure for distributed mm-sized neural implants (ENGINI project page)
Federico Mazza PhD, Year 2 (registered 01/2016) Integrated sensors for ensuring chronic reliability in mm-sized neural implants (ENGINI project page)
Katarzyna Szostak PhD, Year 3* (registered 10/2015) Next Generation Chip Scale Neural Implants (ENGINI project page)
Dorian Haci PhD, Year 3* (registered 10/2015) Intrabody Power and Data Communication Systems for Advanced Multi-Module Neural Implants (CANDO project page)
Timo Lauteslager PhD, Year 3 (registered 01/2015)  Coherent Ultra-Wideband Radar-on-Chip for Medical Sensing and Imaging (PhD project page)
Adrien Rapeaux PhD, Year 3 (registered 10/2014, HiPEDS CDT 1+3 MRes/PhD) Algorithms and systems for highly-selective neural stimulation and recording (SenseBack project page)
*part time
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NameStatusThesis Title
Dr. Francesca Troiani Awarded 02/2019 Time domain optical coherence tomography for compound action potential recording: computational analysis and system requirements (PhD thesis|PhD project page)
Dr. Lieuwe Leene Awarded 12/2016 Brain Machine Interfaces: Low Power Techniques for CMOS Based System Integration (PhD thesis|ENGINI project page)
Dr. Onur Guven Awarded 11/2016 Computationally-Efficient Algorithms For Real-Time ECG Baseline Removal (PhD thesis|PhD project page)
Dr. Stephen Woods  Awarded 08/2016 Wireless capsule endoscope for targeted drug delivery (PhD thesis|project page)
Dr. Deren Barsakcioglu Awarded 01/2016 Resource-efficient on-node spike sorting (PhD thesis|NGNI project page)
Dr. Ian Williams Awarded 11/2014  Methods and microelectronics for proprioceptive neural feedback (PhD thesis|PhD project page)
Dr. Song Luan Awarded 11/2014 Integrated electronics for targeted intraspinal microstimulation (PhD thesis|PhD project page)
Dr. Sivylla Paraskevopoulou Awarded 11/2013 Resource-efficient algorithms and circuits for highly-scalable BMI channel architectures (PhD thesis|NGNI project page)
Dr. Alexandru Serb Awarded 11/2013 Electro-optic platform for free space CMOS photonics (PhD thesis|PhD project page)
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