NameStatusThesis Title
Dimitrios Antoniades PhD, Year 1* (registered 11/2021)
Microelectronics for next generation neural interfaces
Maowen Yin PhD, Year 1 (registered 10/2021) Coherent UWB radar biosensing
Zachary Nairac PhD, Year 1 (registered 10/2021)
Bioelectronic medicine
Vichaya Manatchinapisit PhD, Year 2 (registered 10/2020)
Electrode impedance characterisation for implantable neural interfaces
Charalambos Hadjipanayi PhD, Year 2 (registered 10/2020) Coherent ultra-wideband radar for motion analysis of people living with dementia
Steven Wong PhD, Year 2* (registered 10/2020) Intra-operative tissue identification using bioimpedance and optical characterisation
Oscar Savolainen Writing up Microelectronics for Implantable Neural Interfaces (ENGINI project page)
Matthew Cavuto PhD year 3, Marshall Scholar (registered 10/2017, MSc/MPhil) Investigation of Insertion Mechanism to Achieve Chronic Recording Stability of Semi-Rigid Neural Probe (ENGINI project page)
Bryan Hsieh Writing up Microdevices to Investigate Sleep and Temperature Regulation in Mice
*part time
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NameStatusThesis Title
Dr. Katarzyna Szostak-Lipowicz Completed, to be awarded Next Generation Chip Scale Neural Implants (ENGINI project page)
Dr. Michal Maslik Completed, to be awarded Microelectronics for Implantable Neural Interfaces (ENGINI project page)
Dr. Dorian Haci Completed, to be awarded Intrabody Power and Data Communication Systems for Advanced Multi-Module Neural Implants (CANDO project page)
Dr. Federico Mazza Awarded 03/2021 Integrated sensors for ensuring chronic reliability in mm-sized neural implants (PhD Thesis|ENGINI project page)
Dr. Adrien Rapeaux Awarded 01/2021 Algorithms and systems for highly-selective neural stimulation and recording (PhD Thesis|SenseBack project page)
Dr. Nur Ahmadi Awarded 04/20 Real time neural signal processing for next generation brain-machine interfaces (PhD Thesis|ENGINI project page)
Dr. Peilong Feng Awarded 04/20 Completely wireless infrastructure for distributed mm-sized neural implants (PhD Thesis|ENGINI project page)
Dr. Timo Lauteslager Awarded 03/2020 Coherent Ultra-Wideband Radar-on-Chip for Medical Sensing and Imaging (PhD Thesis|PhD project page)
Dr. Francesca Troiani Awarded 02/2019 Time domain optical coherence tomography for compound action potential recording: computational analysis and system requirements (PhD thesis|PhD project page)
Dr. Lieuwe Leene Awarded 12/2016 Brain Machine Interfaces: Low Power Techniques for CMOS Based System Integration (PhD thesis|ENGINI project page)
Dr. Onur Guven Awarded 11/2016 Computationally-Efficient Algorithms For Real-Time ECG Baseline Removal (PhD thesis|PhD project page)
Dr. Stephen Woods  Awarded 08/2016 Wireless capsule endoscope for targeted drug delivery (PhD thesis|project page)
Dr. Deren Barsakcioglu Awarded 01/2016 Resource-efficient on-node spike sorting (PhD thesis|NGNI project page)
Dr. Ian Williams Awarded 11/2014  Methods and microelectronics for proprioceptive neural feedback (PhD thesis|PhD project page)
Dr. Song Luan Awarded 11/2014 Integrated electronics for targeted intraspinal microstimulation (PhD thesis|PhD project page)
Dr. Sivylla Paraskevopoulou Awarded 11/2013 Resource-efficient algorithms and circuits for highly-scalable BMI channel architectures (PhD thesis|NGNI project page)
Dr. Alexandru Serb Awarded 11/2013 Electro-optic platform for free space CMOS photonics (PhD thesis|PhD project page)
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