This is the first 32 channel fully implantable neural stimulation and recording system designed to provide a versatile in-vivo experimental platform for peripheral neuroscience.
The device consists of 3 main parts, as shown in the picture on the right:

  1. a battery backpack providing wireless transcutaneous power to the implant
  2. a controller that wirelessly transmits stimulation commands and receives recorded data from the implant;
  3. a fully implanted device which interfaces with the neural tissue.


  • Highly configurable recording and stimulating setting 
  • Fully implantable
  • Bluetooth data transfer
  • Over the air firmware upgrades
  • 32 Recording and stimulating channels
  • Backpack with battery and wireless emitter
 Channels 32  Channels 32 
 Resolution 10-bits   Compliance ±9.2V 
 Gain 225-4725   Max. Current 6.3-315μA 
 Sampling Frequency 16kHz   Resolution 6-bits 
Table of specifications for bidirectional neural interface ASIC
Microphotograph of SenseBack ASIC (left) and photo of bidirectional neural interface platform (right)
Microphotograph of SenseBack ASIC measuring 4mm x 5mm (left) and unpackaged prototype implantable device (right).


  • Small animals in vivo neuroscience
  • Studies using awake-behaving animals
  • Chronic (up to 6 months)