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AB - Next generation brain machine interfaces fundamentally need to improve the information transfer rate and chronic consistency when observing neural activity over a long period of time. Towards this aim, this paper presents a novel System-on-Chip (SoC) for a mm-scale wireless neural recording node that can be implanted in a distributed fashion. The proposed self-regulating architecture allows each implant to operate autonomously and adaptively load the electromagnetic field to extract a precise amount of power for full-system operation. This can allow for a large number of recording sites across multiple implants extending through cortical regions without increased control overhead in the external head-stage. By observing local field potentials (LFPs) only, chronic stability is improved and good coverage is achieved whilst reducing the spatial density of recording sites. The system features a ΔΣ based instrumentation circuit that digitises high fidelity signal features at the sensor interface thereby minimising analogue resource requirements while maintaining exceptional noise efficiency. This has been implemented in a 0.35 μm CMOS technology allowing for wafer-scale post-processing for integration of electrodes, RF coil, electronics and packaging within a 3D structure. The presented configuration will record LFPs from 8 electrodes with a 825 Hz bandwidth and an input referred noise figure of 1.77μVrms. The resulting electronics has a core area of 2.1 mm2 and a power budget of 92 μW
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