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AB - This paper describes a platform to achieve targeted drug delivery in next generation wireless capsule endoscopy. The platform consists of two highly novel sub-systems: one is a micro-positioning mechanism which can deliver 1ml of targeted medication and the other is a holding mechanism which gives the functionality of resisting peristalsis. The micro-positioning mechanism allows a needle to be positioned within a 22.5 segment of a cylindrical capsule and be extendible by up to 1.5mm outside the capsule body. The mechanism achieves both these functions using only a single micro-motor and occupying a total volume of just 200mm³. The holding mechanism can be deployed diametrically opposite the needle in 1.8s and occupies a volume of just 270mm³. An in-depth analysis of the mechanics is presented and an overview of the requirements necessary to realise a total system integration is discussed. It is envisaged that the targeted drug delivery platform will empower a new breed of capsule micro-robots for therapy in addition to diagnostics for pathologies such as ulcerative colitis and small intestinal Crohn's disease.
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