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AB - This paper proposes that next generation wirelesscapsule endoscopy (WCE) technology will feature active me-chanical components (i.e. actuated) as opposed to current sys-tems that are predominantly passive (e.g. for imaging purposes).Future systems will integrate microsystems that use micro-actuators to, for example, perform micro-surgery, take tissuesamples, deliver medication, etc. In this paper we detail a novel,ultra-compact integrated mechanism for resisting peristalsisand describe how this can be fabricated in Nylon 6 usingCNC milling. The holding action is achieved by extendingan “anchor” spanning an effective 60.4 mm circumference, fora 11.0 mm diameter WCE. This function is achieved by amechanism that occupies only 347.0 mm3volume, includingmechanics and actuator. This shows how exploiting conventionalmanufacturing processes can result in a radical change in thecapabilities of WCE systems and empower the next generationof active devices.
AU - Woods,S
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