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AB - This paper presents a 64-bit on-chip identification system featuring low power consumption and randomness compensation for multi-node bio-implantable devices. A sense amplifier based bit-cell is proposed to realize the silicon physical unclonable function, providing a unique value whose probability has a uniform distribution and minimized influence from the temperature and supply variation. The entire system is designed and implemented in a typical 0.35 m CMOS technology, including an array of 64 bit-cells, readout circuits, and digital controllers for data interfaces. Simulated results show that the proposed bit-cell design achieved a uniformity of 50.24% and a uniqueness of 50.03% for generated IDs. The system achieved an energy consumption of 6.0 pJ per bit with parallel outputs and 17.3 pJ per bit with serial outputs.
AU - Gao,C
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TI - On-chip ID generation for multi-node implantable devices using SA-PUF
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