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AB - This paper presents a time-domain instrumentation circuit with exceptional noise efficiency directed at using nanometre CMOS for next generation neural interfaces. Current efforts to realize closed loop neuromodulation and high fidelity BMI prosthetics rely extensively on digital processing which isnot well integrated with conventional analogue instrumentation. The proposed time-domain topology employs a differential ring oscillator that is put into feedback using a chopper stabilized low noise transconductor and capacitive feedback. This realization promises better digital integration by extensively using time encoded digital signals and seamlessly allows both clocked & unclocked ΔΣ behavior which is useful on-chip characterizationand interfacing with synchronous systems. A 0.5V instrumentation system is implemented using a 65nm TSMC technology to realize a highly compact footprint that is 0.006mm2 in size. Simulation results demonstrate an excess of 55 dB dynamic range with 3.5 Vrms input referred noise for the given 810nW total system power budget corresponding to an NEF of 1.64.
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