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AB - This paper investigates Continuous-Time (CT) signal acquisition as an activity-dependent and non-uniform sampling alternative to conventional fixed-rate digitisation. We demonstrate the applicability to biosignal representation by quantifying the achievable bandwidth saving by non-uniform quantisation to commonly recorded biological signal fragmentsallowing a compression ratio of 5 and 26 when applied to Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Extracellular Action Potential (EAP) signals respectively. We describe several desirable properties of CT sampling including bandwidth reduction, elimination/reduction of quantisation error and describe its impact on aliasing. This is followed by demonstration of a resource-efficient hardware implementation. We propose a novel circuit topology for a charge-based CT Analogue-to-Digital Converter (CT ADC) that has been optimised for the acquisition of neural signals. This has been implemented in a commercially-available 0.35µm CMOS technology occupying a compact footprint of 0.12mm². Silicon verified measurements demonstrate an 8-bit resolution and a 4kHz bandwidth with static power consumption of 3.75µWfrom a 1.5V supply. The dynamic power dissipation is completely activity-dependent, requiring 1.39pJ energy per conversion.
AU - Maslik,M
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