Cohort 1

Automated Direct Amidation of Carboxylic Acids using Silicon-Based Reagents

Joshua Davies

Supervisors: Professor Chris BraddockProfessor Paul Lickiss

High-throughput synthesis and selection of DNA G-quadruplex optical probes

Aatikah Majid

Supervisors: Dr Marina Kuimova | Professor Ramon Vilar | Dr Alex Thompson

Collaborator: Dr George Mylonas

Frustrated Lewis Pair Catalysts for Hydrogenations: Optimisation and Reaction Engineering

Ben Lancaster

Supervisors: Dr Andrew AshleyDr Chris TigheProfessor Matt Fuchter

From recovered metal waste to effective catalysts for C-C and C-N bond formation

Sean McCarthy

Supervisors: Dr James Wilton-ElyProfessor Chris Braddock

Uncovering the Unwritten-Rules in Photoredox Catalysis for Late Stage Functionalisation

Hannah Broderick

Supervisors: Dr James BullDr Phil MillerDr Thomas Heinis