Photo of two female lab staff


Athena Swan has brought about positive change for staff at NHLI in recent years

The percentage of women applying for academic posts has increased from 20% (2009-2014) to 35% (2015-2018), due to changes in the recruitment process.

The appointment of women to senior positions within the NHLI has increased from 29% in 2014 to 40% in 2018 due to Athena initiatives that have encouraged and supported women into leadership roles.

Photo of staff

The percentage of female staff in NHLI who are confident that the promotions/career progression is fair has increased from 29% (2014) to 62% (2017) since we have made the process more transparent and offered more support.

We have increased the rate of successful completion of probations within three years from 33% (2011-2013) to 100% (2014-2017), by appointing mentors for new academic staff.