The College-wide PRDP process is a valuable tool for developing the performance of all staff members; your annual PRDP meeting with your line manager is a conversation that focuses on the previous year’s work and achievements, as well as your objectives and plans for the coming year. It also includes the preparation of an individual development plan, and is a chance to provide feedback to and receive feedback from your line manager.

NHLI was the first department in College to achieve a 100% PRDP completion rate, thank you for helping us to continue to achieve this each year. As well as ensuring that all members of staff have a PRDP meeting we are committed to doing them well and have incorporated the recommendations from the 2016 PRDP Quality Control Project into our guidance.

How often should I have a PRDP meeting?

The PRDP meeting can take place at any point in the year but please do make sure that you have a meeting in each calendar year. Most NHLI staff complete PRDPs in November and December so they can review the year and plan for the year ahead.

Preparing for your PRDP

  • Line managers – please arrange a date for a PRDP meeting with your staff members and look at the Line managers guidance
  • Staff members – please remind your line manager when your PRDP is due and look at the Staff members guidance
  • Clinical staff – please arrange a joint meeting with your academic and clinical manager

 PRDP Forms

The NHLI have tailored the PRDP to suit different job roles. Please download the form below that most suits your job role.

PDRP Postdoc Form

PRDP Academic Form

PRDP Professional and Technical Staff Form

PRDP Learning and Teaching Staff Form

PRDP Non-postdoctoral Researcher Form

PRDP Clinical Academic Form


Having a quality conversation

The conversation in a PRDP is broader in focus than in more regular one-to-ones. Time should be specifically allocated to cover a review of the previous year and to discuss and agree specific aims and objectives for the next year, which should include details of personal and career development and aspirations.

  • Set SMART objectives
  • In setting your objectives distinguish between work/performance objectives and personal/development objectives
  • Your PRDP and objectives should be reviewed regularly throughout the year
  • Ensure workload issues are addressed during the meeting
  • Don’t forget to include information about your outreach and public engagement activities (where applicable)

You may like to keep track of your training using the NHLI PRDP Training Log and this may be a useful way for you and your line manager to identify future training opportunities in the PRDP meeting.

After the PRDP

  • Ensure both the member of staff and line manager have agreed and signed off the form
  • Return the completed and fully signed form, along with a copy of your individual development plan if you are a clinical member of staff, to:
  • Line managers will need to log the PRDP has taken place on ICIS. If the meeting has not taken place owing to one of the exemptoins below this also needs to be logged on ICIS by the line manager.


You will be exempt from the PRDP process if you are on:

  • Formal probation
  • Maternity/parental leave
  • Long term sickness absence

If this applies to you please notify us on so that we can make a note for our records. On returning to work following a period of leave please ensure that a meeting with your manager takes place to give you time for discussion and work planning.

 Where can I find out more?

Forms and guidance can be found on the College webpages. As the forms are revised annually please do make sure you are using the most recent version of the form. Note that from summer 2018 a new form has been introduced for postdocs and fellows - you can find it on the College PRDP webpage.