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The NHLI Tech Talks is a series of fortnightly online discussions via Microsoft Teams. Seminars are informative and focused on the features and benefits of some of the learning technologies and activities supported by the eLearning Technologists within the National Heart and Lung Institute and across the College.

The format of each seminar will include an opening presentation delivered by Mr Zuber Hanif (eLearning Technologist) followed by an opportunity for Q&A – lasting approximately 15 minutes. 

Previous sessions

Instructional design and our online teaching capabilities

Instructional Design is a broad ranging concept with many models and practices used by Instructional Design practitioners and others within teaching and training. This seminar looks at some real-world design examples and templates when designing for asynchronous online delivery.



Asynchronous online teaching with Microsoft Sway

This seminar focuses on some of the design capabilities within Microsoft Sway, a widely available College tool which has been used for the delivery of online, asynchronous teaching within the NHLI. Join us, to look at examples of mini-lectures developed within the Academic Years 2020/21 and 2021/22; and learn about our overall approach to collaborative team working.



Designing online quizzes and activities

This seminar looks at some examples of the quizzes and activities that are available within our design toolbox. From multiple choice style questions to drag-and-drop activities, we’ll go over the key pieces of information that are required to put together a useful resource that will aid students in their learning, and provide some element of formative assessment.




Instructional Design: Operationalising the ADDIE Model 

Instructional Design: Project Documentation