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What we do

We are involved in investigative and preventive cardiovascular medicine. Extensive multidisciplinary research characterises the endeavours of the physiology group with pioneering first-in-human research resulting from the interaction of Imperial College bioengineers and cardiologists. 

The cardiovascular trials group continues to publish seminal papers based on outcomes of the Anglo-Scandinavian Cardiac Outcomes Trial and outcome measures from the recently completed Fourier Trial will have a major influence on future treatment strategies to prevent myocardial infarction and stroke.

Why it is important

Cardiovascular disease effects people of all cultures, background and creed across the world. The philosophy of the section is to deliver an integrated research strategy in circulatory medicine and apply the results to advance standards of care in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease in a multi-ethnic society.

Impact of our research

The prevention team has an international track record in cardiovascular epidemiology and trials, ranging from shorter term evaluation of intervention therapies to long-term morbidity and mortality trials, the outcome of which is likely to change clinical practice.

Summary of current research

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT), Cardiac Imaging and Coronary and Large Artery Flow

  • Developing advanced methods for characterising the action of CRT pacemakers to improve the efficiency.  Including lead in BRAVO multicentre trial.  Patented technology licensed to Finapres Medical Systems, Netherlands.
  • Engineers and Clinicians developing advanced methods of echocardiographic imaging that permit reliable  quantification of left ventricular function, mitral regurgitation and aortic stenosis. (BHF, European Reserach Council).
  • Pioneered use of wave intensity analysis for non-invasive measurement of coronary flow to assess cardiac ischaemia  (DEFINE-FLAIR Trial).

Researchers: Professor Darrel Francis, Dr Zachary Whinnet, Dr Wyn Davies.

Cardiovascular Trials

  • Long term follow-up (10 years) of UK patients recruited into the Anglo-Scandinavian Cardiac Outcomes Trial for evidence of legacy benefits of statin therapy and antihypertensive treatment strategies. First detailed study on comprehensive evaluation of statin tolerance with focus on muscle related side effects. Extensive biomarker programme for markers of CV disease, including heart failure (EU collaboration) and diabetes, including retinal vascular geometric assessment.  International collaboration for genomic markers of CVD and Diabetes.  Further studies on Polypill, including Health Economic evaluation.  Chief Investigator and Executive Committee (PS) for FOURIER.  Trial of monoclonal antibody to PCSK9  in CVD prevention.
  • Local trials unit FOURIER, PATHWAY, HARMONY Trials. New studies on characterisation of patients with resistant hypertension.

Researchers: Professor Peter Sever, Professor Simon ThomProfessor Neil Poulter

Cardiovascular Epidemiology   

  • European wide surveys (EUROASPIRE IV) across 24 countries to evaluate the standard of preventive cardiology practice in both hospital and primary care (multiple collaborations).

Researcher: Professor David Wood


Our researchers

Dr Kevin F Fox

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Dr Kevin F Fox
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Emeritus Professor Richard Sutton

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Emeritus Professor Richard Sutton
Emeritus Professor in Clinical Cardiology

Dr Susan B Connolly

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Dr Susan B Connolly