The NDE group frequently has funds available for PhD and post-doc research positions. PhD programmes are usually funded for a 3-year period, and can start at any time of year. Funding is generous, including PhD bursaries substantially above the standard rate, paid registration fees, and travel to several major international conferences. All projects are very well resourced with equipment, computers, consumables and all that is needed to perform research at the highest standard. The aim is to provide the best conditions for world-leading research, and commensurate with this, the group recruits only the very top candidates.

Applicants need to have a very strong academic record. They should have a good ability in analytical methods in engineering, in particular in solid mechanics, and should also be interested in the transfer of scientific knowledge to real practical uses. Previous knowledge of the specific theory relating to NDE (eg wave mechanics) is helpful but not required, indeed most members of the group have no expertise in this area before starting.

The specific topics of research change from time to time, according to research strategy decisions and funding availability, but available projects will be consistent with the themes presented in these web pages. All projects involve considerable interaction with other members of the research group which has a very open, co-operative and friendly culture.

We also take Engineering Doctorate students via the UK Research Centre in NDE. Further details of this are available here.

For further information about possible PhD or postdoc positions, please contact Professor Mike Lowe.