NameInstitutionContact details
Jonathan Tate Imperial College London j.tate@imperial.ac.uk
Sean Richardson Imperial College London s.richardson@imperial.ac.uk
Claire Armstrong University of Cambridge ca486@cam.ac.uk
Krissy Stothard University of Bristol krissy.stothard@bristol.ac.uk
Donna Deacon The Open University donna.deacon@open.ac.uk

Academic leads

NameInstitutionContact details
 Dr Mark Wenman
 Imperial College London m.wenman@imperial.ac.uk
 Prof Luc Vandeperre
 Deputy Director
 Imperial College London  l.vandeperre@imperial.ac.uk
 Prof Ian Farnan  University of Cambridge if203@cam.ac.uk
 Prof Chris Truman  University of Bristol c.e.truman@bristol.ac.uk
 Dr Salih Gungor  The Open University salih.gungor@open.ac.uk
 Dr Michael Rushton  Bangor University m.rushton@bangor.ac.uk