Nuclear Energy Futures CDT Cohort 1

Mercedes Baxter-Chinery
Durability of Mg-Si-hydrate-based cements from brucite Dr Hong Wong Imperial College Imperial College
Dominic Brennan Multi-objective optimisation capability for heterogeneous fuel assemblies Prof Geoff Parks University of Cambridge Frazer-Nash Consultancy
Tristan Calvet Analysis of creep-fatigue crack growth behaviour in W-Eurofer97 brazed joints Dr Catrin Davies Imperial College UKAEA
Aaron Chote ZrO2-corrosion-layers and their grain boundary networks Dr Katerina Marquardt
Imperial College Imperial College
Jamie Davidson
Advanced shielding materials for next-generation nuclear fusion power reactors Dr Sam Humphry-Baker Imperial College Tokamak Energy
James Hargreaves Effects of nuclear fusion plasma excursions on Eurofer-97 components Dr Ross Springell University of Bristol University of Bristol
Edmund Jones Analysis and interpretation of creep-fatigue growth behaviour Dr Catrin Davies Imperial College EdF Energy
Josh Langcaster Fast efficient modelling of hydride reorientation Dr Mark Wenman Imperial College Rolls-Royce
Fabio Martini Advanced composite nuclear fuels for enhanced performance and accident tolerance Prof Simon Middleburgh
Bangor University Bangor University
Chris Morris
Characterising creep crack growth behaviour in austenitic steel weldments Dr Catrin Davies Imperial College EdF Energy
Kene Nwegbu Next generation fluid flow solver for nuclear reactors Prof Chris Pain Imperial College Jacobs
Megan Owen Corrosion of advanced nuclear fuel alloys Prof Simon Middleburgh
Bangor University Bangor University
Dimitris Samaras An investigation of corrosion and leaching of carbide fuels in a GDF setting Prof Tom Scott University of Bristol Nuclear Waste Services
Gareth Stephens Advanced nuclear fuel research for next generation reactors Prof Simon Middleburgh
Bangor University Jacobs
Tan Zi Liang Predictive modelling of nuclear reactor systems Prof Eugene Shwageraus University of Cambridge Singaporean Nuclear Research and Safety Initiative
Jack Wilson Advanced alloy development for a new generation of nuclear fuel Prof Simon Middleburgh
Bangor University NNL
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Cohort 1