Rollout of the new Occupational Health Management System (OHMS) starts 14 November 2022 

From 14 November 2022, the Occupational Health (OH) team will start using a new OHMS called Cority, which is a secure cloud-based clinical record and appointment system. All historical data and future appointments will be copied over from the current system (OPAS). 

For staff and students that use our services

  • Initially, there will be little noticeable change to the way OH services are requested. 
  • Existing "paper-based" health questionnaires will not be processed after Friday 4 November. Occupational Health will be incrementally updating its processes to utilise Cority's functionality. In the meantime, please complete this short online form to receive a link via email to the relevant health questionnaire in the myCority portal. These will be available from Monday 14 November.   
  • The secure cloud-based myCority portal will also allow users to track the status of questionnaires they have submitted and will be accessible via Single Sign On (SSO). Additional functionality will be added from spring 2023. 
  • All correspondence from the OH team such as appointment notifications, surveillance recalls, and clearance notifications will be sent via email directly from the Cority system for added data security and to provide a historical record in the system.  
  • The full system functionality will be rolled out over time. 
  • The process for requesting Management referrals remains unchanged. 

Benefits of the new system

  • The myCority portal will improve the user interface with OH. Service users can expect to receive web links to the questionnaire they need to complete and, in time, the self-service capability will result in a more streamlined administrative process. 
  • Improved visibility for students, staff, and managers as functionality is added over time. 
  • Enhanced privacy of health data, ensuring we keep your details safe and secure. 
  • Replaces an end-of-life system with a user-friendly, future-proof system. 

Planned rollout of additional functionality

  • Paper-based (Microsoft Word) health assessment questionnaires will move to web-based forms from 14 November 2022. 
  • Management referral process changes will be rolled out incrementally following consultation with departments. 
  • The myCority self-service portal functionality for staff, students and managers will be rolled out from spring 2023. The management of health surveillance recalls will be reviewed and refined over the coming year. 



The legacy Occupational Health Management System (a clinical database called OPAS) will no longer be supported by the supplier and needs to be replaced by the end of November 2022. 

After extensive business process mapping, requirement analysis and a competitive market assessment, the College has contracted Cority to supply a secure cloud based Occupational Health Management System (OHMS). 

What are we doing? 

The Occupational Health team are working with ICT and external suppliers to replace the current Occupational Health system with a brand-new secure platform, that has a portal interface that will be accessible to all Imperial staff and students. 

Occupational Health staff, both Clinical and Administrative, will have access to the secure Management ‘Platform’ to provide the services required. 

When the system has been fully implemented: 

  • All staff and students will have access to the self-service ‘Portal’ that allows secure “patient” access to complete questionnaires and access the records they need to undertake their work,  
  • Line Managers / Supervisors will have access to the Portal to view dashboards and reports that they have been consented to view. 

What does this mean for you? 

  • When the system is fully implemented you will have access through a self-service portal to your Occupational Health questionnaires, appointments, vaccination records, health surveillance record and recalls.  
  • A faster, more efficient service and more time for your clinical needs. 
  • For managers and supervisors – easier and faster access to the data you need to make referrals and manage safety. 
  • You will receive notifications when you need to update details, including health clearances. 
  • You can monitor progress using the platforms progress trackers. 
  • You can view reports of your records. 
  • This system will not interface with the NHS records system, Occupational Health cannot access information such as vaccination records, you will need to have this information available to assist the health clearance process. If required copies of vaccination records can easily be uploaded via the portal   

Find out more

You can contact the OH team for more information or read our FAQs below: 


Question - Why are we replacing the current Occupational Health system? 

Answer - The OPAS system is coming to the end of life and will also run out of technical support from the supplier, and therefore it is no longer fit for purpose. We also want to future-proof the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) compliance of our record keeping. 

Question - What is an OHMS, and who is the new supplier?      

Answer - OHMS is the acronym for Occupational Health Management System. The supplier is Cority Inc - a global vendor in Occupational Health and related fields. They own Cohort Software Ltd who are very well known in this area and this product is used by many NHS Trust Occupational Health providers. 

Question - I am a current Occupational Health user, how will this affect me?      

Answer -If you already use Occupational Health, your records will be migrated to the new system, and you will be able to login to My Cority via the online portal to submit health assessment questionnaires required to undertake your work the next time you use the service. The new portal offers a more user-friendly, efficient, and secure way to engage and communicate with us. The process of health assessment will remain unchanged, and our clinical team will continue to undertake these assessments.  

Question - How will I log into the new Portal? 

Answer - You will be able to log in directly using your username and password via Single Sign On (SSO) from your device. 

Question - Who will be able to access my health data?         

Answer – Your medical and clinical data is only seen by our OH clinical and support staff and yourself. Once that functionality has been launched, an updated Privacy Notice will be available via the portal.   

You will still need to consent to the release of OH reports following a referral. Recommendations on workplace adjustments and support needs will be discussed with you first and will not usually contain clinical information. 


Occupational Health Assessment Request

Please read the relevant subject area on our website prior to arranging an appointment. If you have any queries please call us on 020 7594 9401 or complete this short form Occupational Health Assessment Request