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Contributing to the College's vision for its Education, Research and Support Services to be world class

The Transformation Investment Board (TIB) reviews investment and associated outcomes and benefit in line with the priorities outlined in the College strategic plans and focuses on prioritising and sequencing investments in operating model, system and process change relating to Academic and Professional Support Services.

The Provost’s Board has delegated responsibility to TIB to deliver a portfolio of change projects and TIB will do this by:

  •  Review project investment recommendations from PRIB, assessing the investment and potential benefits in line with delivering the TIB priorities:
    • Delivering savings of at least £7m over the next two years
    • Improving the staff and student experience
    • Promoting a culture of continuous improvement across the College
    • Returning time back to the academic mission
  • Having oversight of College-wide change projects to ensure coordination of relevant support service enablers
  • Via devolved Programme Boards, monitoring project delivery and benefits realisation
  • Oversee a Gateway Review process which will be applied at key stages of a project, to highlight risks, issues and opportunities, ultimately ensuring successful delivery of project and programme outcomes and benefits
  • Ensuring the retention of quality standards for research and education are maintained and, ideally, improved in the introduction of new resource and time efficient operating models and processes in line with Operational Excellence principles

TIB Members