Below are three main project areas for the HR Transformation Programme. Listing their aims and what's currently beeing accomplished. 

Project info

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Process review

The establishment of a consistent and coherent approach to the mapping, maintenance and utilisation of standard processes and standard roles.

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System review

The review of the systems that underpin the Human Resources service and ensures that management information, performance metrics and business analytics provide insight to strategic decisions across the college and support effective and efficient service delivery and process design.

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Operating model review

The implementation of a new service delivery approach to guarantee a balance between consistent, effective and efficient service delivery whilst ensuring the appropriate level of local responsiveness and strategic support for departments.

Project work

Ongoing work:

  • Process workshops

Ongoing work:

  • Developing ServiceNow requirements list

Ongoing work:

  • Gathering feedback on proposed operating model

project update

Completed work:

Completed work:

Completed work:

  • Aligned the programme with the Support Services Operating Model programme 
  • Issued a proposed Operating model