Our Mission is to support the delivery of organisational change and to promote a culture of continuous service improvement across the College

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Imperial is recognised worldwide for being at the forefront of education and research and, at the foundations of our academic excellence, our professional staff play an essential role. With this in mind, the Provost’s Board and Council agreed that Imperial should address the goal of achieving excellence in our academic support operations with a measure of urgency.  We are working to achieve our goal of excellence in academic support operations, reducing duplicated effort and tackling inefficient processes to deliver excellent, more effective services.


  • Support the delivery of organisational change across the College.
  • Develop Operational Improvement capability within our Support Services, providing staff with the skills and tools to implement service improvements.
  • Support the development of a culture of continuous improvement across the College.
  • Provide transformation investment governance, reporting and assurance services, with the appropriate balance of oversight and resource effort.