• Amanda Naylor

    Portrait of Amanda Naylor

    Personal details

    Amanda Naylor Communications Manager


    Amanda oversees the development and implementation of communication strategies, plans and campaigns across the Change and Operational Improvement team, and works with colleagues to advise on communications, engagement and graphic design.

    Amanda also manages the Wayfinding Project and is working closely with the Communications and Estates Divisions to make substantial improvements to the way that people navigate their way through their campuses. 

  • Sue Flockhart

    Portrait of Sue Flockhart

    Personal details

    Sue Flockhart Business Process Authority


    Sue is responsible for the development, curation and governance of the College’s Business Process Architecture. As custodian of the Business Process Management System (BPMS), Sue defines the framework and standards by which business processes are discovered, analysed and mapped within the College.

    Sue works in partnership with Business Process Owners to define the scope and boundaries of processes, to resolve conflicts and to integrate the processes into the College architecture. 

  • Josie Lewis-Gibbs

    Josie Lewis-Gibbs portrait

    Personal details

    Josie Lewis-Gibbs Head of Information Insights (on maternity leave)