Meet the team

  • Angus Brown

    Portrait of Angus Brown

    Personal details

    Angus Brown Head of Operational Improvement


    Angus leads the Operational Improvement function of the team, providing tools, facilitation and analysis support via the Operational Improvement Coach and Specialists.

    Angus is currently part of the College Values project team and has been working on workload analysis for PTO teams in the Faculty of Medicine.

  • Amy Bangs

    Amy Bangs portrait

    Personal details

    Amy Bangs OI Coach (maternity secondment)


    Amy is currently seconded into the role of Operational Improvement Coach, delivering training and providing coaching to staff.

    As an extension of her substantive role as OI Specialist, Amy also supports projects as directed by the Operations Committee and for ad hoc local projects across College, providing facilitation, analysis and coaching. 

  • Dave Longman

    Portrait of Dave Longman

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    Dave Longman OI Specialist


    Dave currently works with the operational team in HR on a range of activities focused on improving service delivery and making HR processes quicker and more effective.

  • Simon Crisp

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    Simon Crisp OI Specialist


    Simon works to analysis and improve processes. He is currently working on improving HR processes to make them simpler and easier for staff to use.

  • Jackie Stewart

    Jackie Stewart portrait

    Personal details

    Jackie Stewart OI Coach (on maternity leave)